Entering through Continuing Education


Cost 2017: COP$1'400.000

Forms of Payment

 • Online Payment (1)
 • Check or Cash Payment (2)
 • Payment with Debit and Credit cards in the office of Continuing Education
 • Letter of Intent from the Company (3)
 (1) If you are going to do online transactions with your debit or credit card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express, you can enter by clicking on this link: http://inscripcioneseduconti.uniandes.edu.co or in Banner at “Inscríbase” (Register) or “Pago electrónico”(Online payment) of the web page: https://educacioncontinuada.uniandes.edu.co.
 Select your course and follow the system instructions. In case the fee that you are going to pay is not enabled, please call (+57 1) 332 43 63.
 (2) To pay in cash or by check, it is necessary to issue a document with which you can go to any branch of the Banco de Bogotá Bank to complete the transaction. Please call (+57 1) 332 43 63 to get the above-mentioned document issued.
 (3) A letter from the entity which is requesting your registration and which is committed to paying the corresponding fee directed to the University and confirming your participation. Please keep the following recommendations in mind: The letter should be sent on official letterhead which corresponds to the entity and includes the National Tax I.D. (NIT), the address, e-mail address and telephone number(s) of the company. The letter should be signed by the person in charge of authorizing such payments; the University will confirm the employees registered through the entity and will issue the corresponding invoice; nonattendance by the registered students does not release the sponsoring entity from the responsibility of payment. Call (+57 1) 332 43 63 to request the necessary form.
There is the possibility, if necessary, that the University is obligated to change the assigned professor(s) or to cancel the course entirely. In these cases, the participant can opt for having their money returned or having the money reassigned to another course offered in Continuing Education at that moment. The participant will assume the difference in cost, if any.